Me and Soup4Soul

So for me, Soup4Soul has always been a love journey. Soup is a favourite for me, easily to prepare, by gently warming on the stove (I avoid microwave) complimenting with a freshly toasted slice (or two) of sough dough bread. Recently I came across this delicious VEGAN health bread, it is my new favourite. I also use a lovely vegan butter.

Vegan resonates with me. My dream, My goal is to be able to be fully vegan within the next 12 months. My body feels better, my heart feels kinder, and my mind clearer.

We have been so conditioned to accept that “animal” must be part of our nutrition, but it is not true. Investigate for yourself, try it for yourself, make little changes, maybe only have animal products 1-3 times a week, at one meal a day, wow what a difference you will make.

Live Kindly, Be gentle, Value all living beings.